domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

Big in Japan

Hi Dear Followers :)
Last night, I had a blast at Lux Frágil in my beloved city: Lisbon. 
You guys won't be able to see the complete outfit I wore, but anyway...I loved this photos and I really wanted to share them with you :)) Mostly, I had to introduce you to my new Japanese friends. Aren't this guys soooo cute??! They made a huge success among the girls last night!! :)) I hope you enjoy. 
Have a nice week.

Blazer - Zara / Blouse - H&M Trend / Denim Shorts - Urban Outfitters / Boots - Stradivarius

Au Revoir,

Chloe Marie Antoinete

7 comentários:

Luciana disse...

Adoro o blazer com estrelinhas!!!


melody disse...

Namorei tanto esse blazer na Zara... É lindo que só ele. E adorei o pormenor do mocho na blusa do teu amigo! :P

Ana disse...

Fica-te tão bem o cabelo assim querida. :)

Sofia disse...

Your tattoos are sooo cute :)
And you look stunning with the new haircut.

Lila disse...

Olá! Quando puderes responde ao mail que te enviei relativamente ao Shop My closet. obrigada :)

OLI disse...

Adorei as fotografias!

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